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The Kingo Root Website claims that it's compatible with my Device but it fails every time! Was going 2 do this afterwards. But I can't even root it! Is there any alternate way 2 root this Device so I can install Freedom. I just got mine today as well, you can root with Kingroot and delete bloat. I used nobloat to backup and delete loads of stuff on it already. If i wasn't sure whether it was safe to delete i just disabled it instead which essentially freezes the app but keeps it on the device. I've only run it on one of the Lucky's and was going to leave the other stock for now to compare how they work and if root and debloat was worth it or not. But so far it seems to be running really well. Update: so kingroo. Like many here I just got 2 LG Sunrises in the mail from amazon. Googled how to root them, kingroot came up as the #1 option, so I tried it, and I had root! BUT DO NOT DO THIS! Kingroot is sketchy as fuck. When I tried to replace it with supersu? nope wouldn't let me. Try to 'pm uninstall com.kingroot.kinguser' ? nope, FAILURE. Kingroot spawns multiple daemons to prevent you from totally removing it, kill one via PID and another respawns it before you can kill the other. A Google search I started with a stock Sony Xperia Z with lollipop and used Kingroot to root it. Afterwards, I used this guide ( to replace Kingroot with SuperSu. But once I rebooted, my live wallpaper came up, but no icons, widgets, notificafion drawer, back/home buttons. Nothing. Just the wallpaper. I can't receive calls but it vibrates and the notification light flashes when I get a message. My alarm I am using this guide to install TWRP and I am stuck on step 6: The Firetv2 was rooted with Kingroot and I have Kinguser open. I still get “ - Unknown username or uid.” Googled showed no results. Anyone get around this issue? Thanks. Disclosure: I work for KingRoot ( As my username implies, I work for KingRoot, a one-touch rooting solution with over 100,000 devices rooted successfully already. We have been active on industry forums like XDA for a while, this is our first attempt at contributing to the Reddit community in a professional context (though many of us are casual users already). While we'd obviously love for your to check out our app or desktop solution, our main goal is to answer. I recently picked up a Sprint LK430. It has the most recent OTA update. This has made every root tool unusable. King, Towel, Purple Drake, etc. I'm looking for some way to root this dang thing I've seen this: I don't suppose there is a lk430 kdz floating around that I could flash to before the update and root from there? Edit: If someone can supply me with the image to flash to a rootable version I don't care about any data or settings on the phone. I don't need it to be rooted. I have a BLU Advance 4.0L, runs Android 4.2.2. This device is apparently unsupported by everything but KingRoot says it works on many things and was listed in one of the links your FAQ sticky recommends. So I tried it. Well turns out it's spyware and now I can't get rid of it. I tried factory reset through recovery mode and KingRoot keeps installing itself back. Everything online says to uninstall KingRoot. Couple questions: 1. I have a rooted Xperia Z3v (D6708). It was a long root process, had to first use Kingroot, then a messy ordeal to flash a new image with SuperSU and get rid of Kinguser. I'm just learning about this SafetyNet stuff with Netflix and Google Play certification. It seems Magisk may be a solution, but not sure what that would entail since I'm already rooted. Would I have to first return to stock? 2. I have an old Moto X 2014 laying around, XT1096 that I'm considering switchin. I'm not sure if this works on 5.1.2 but I think so because my fire automatically updated overnight which caused me to lose previous root! gt: I know for sure it works on 5.1.1. 1. Download an app called KingRoot from here ( 2. Open KingRoot and follow the instructions 3. Once you have root, go download Root Checker ( to confirm root access 4. Now follow this ( Hi all, before I begin, I just want to share that I had a lot of issues when I tried to unroot and root on Lolipop. This post is to share with other users and maybe for my reference in the future if I were to unroot the phone again. This were the steps I did to finally get the CloudyG3 Lollipop version on my LG G3. I would like to thank the users here as well as those from Xda forums. Last year after getting my phone (855 international model running on KitKat), I used towelroot Okay so I am about to have a mental breakdown if I can't figure this out soon. I have an Alcatel Onetouch Idol X+ (I know, first mistake) and I rooted the phone about ~8-9 months ago and never really used it for anything or thought anything about it for a while. Then I finally got a notification for a system update which I hadn't seen since purchasing the phone, and since I'm not a major fan of this device I thought it might help improve my satisfaction as a user. Unfortunately when I attempt. I tried rooting and it installed Kingroot after the install was done, I tried to replace it with SuperSU and it wasn't working, repeated like 5 times and no change, so I tried this ( and installed that apk for supersu but it's just made my phone sit at the turning on screen of "" I'm stuck and confused, (never rooted before). I tried rooting with Kingroot earlier this week, I somehow lost root when trying to switch to SuperSU and kinguser.apk is stuck in /system With a rooted phone the ideal solution would to do the following from adb and try a few different approaches to getting SuperSU stef_nix@hisArchLinuxPC ~ $ adb shell shell@D6616:/ $ cd /system/apps/Kinguser shell@D6616:/ system/app/Kinguser $ rm kinguser.apk Alas, this is not possible because /system apparently does not mount as rw under. If i root my g3 with kingroot and then use super sume to remove kinguser and download superuser. And after some days i unroot. How do i completley unroot and will my warranty be void after unrooting? Thanks. A user on the FreedomPop forums posted this, it does work here is how to do it: ROOT - Install the following apps: Smart App Manager(dont know why this is needed) KingRoot (sketchy) Terminal Emulator ES File Explorer Download Use ES File Explorer to extract `` to the directory `/sdcard. Hello there! I've tried out to root my A700YD with Lollipop 5.0, like CF Auto Root via Odin / One-Click Root tools from the global networks, and seems none of them are working excluding Kingroot. CF Auto Root and those tools brought me a soft-bricked and was forced to flash an offical ROM afterwards. KingRoot works fine to root my device and grant root access, but this time it fails to replace KingUser to SuperSU by SuperSume. (Kingroot v4.8.1 with the lastest version of SuperSume) I have recently rooted my verizon s6 g920v-aof1 by using kingroot and manually replacing kinguser with SuperSU. My question is. Is there a pre rooted 5.1.1 I can now update to? Or a custom. Alright here is what you have to do to fix this problem: First off you will need to root the device to get this method to work. Warning you are doing something very dangerous and you should proceed with caution ROOT - Install the following apps: KingRoot (sketchy) Terminal Emulator ES File Explorer Download Use ES File Explorer to extract. I fucking did it! A couple weeks ago I asked in this sub if anyone had any idea of how to root this phone, because I had tried everything and nothing worked. I was loosing my mind and dropped it. But today I woke up and searching I stumbled upon some dude on Google+ sayingthat he could root his phone. Anyway, I tried what he was saying and it worked! Here are the steps: 1) Download "Engineer Mode MTK" from the Play Store So there's a few things that I think hint at the possibility of there being malware on my tablet. The big thing being random spikes of lag. It's by no means a cutting edge gaming tablet, but whether there's malware or not, this immense lag should not be occurring on a brand new empty tablet with what's supposed to be only one app running. But also, I know all the task managers I could possibly download don't show the background processes. Every time I clear the task list, there's still lag spike. After trying to root my Xperia Z3 D6616 with KingRoot, I used SuperSuMe to switch superuser apps. After seeing that it didn't work, I tried again. and then again. I noticed KingRoot dissapeared and so I tried installing it again, now it doesn't show up and kinguser.apk is hiding in my system partition. Who can help? or at least help me mount /system as read-write # Rooting Required files: Install Kingroot from Install SuperSU from the Play Store. Install a Terminal Emulator app. Download ( and extract into the device’s internal memory. Rooting: Run Kingroot and follow the on-screen instructions to root. Once that is complete, congratulations, you're rooted! But if you don't